Raccoon Removal

Raccoon troubles at your home or business can be solved with our humane raccoon control and removal services.

Squirrel Removal

Expert squirrel removal and exclusion services are available. We can help you prevent harm to your yard or property at Fort Wayne Wildlife Control.

Bat Exclusion

Diseases and illnesses can be transferred by bats. Humane bat removal, control, and prevention are all possible with the tools we have.

Bird Control

Wildlife Control Fort Wayne will compassionately and safely remove birds from your property while also efficiently preventing nuisance bird concerns.

Rodent Removal

Rats and mice removal services for your property. Fort Wayne Wildlife Control guarantees removal and prevention of wild nuisance animals.

Critter Removal & Control

Fort Wayne Wildlife Control safely removes and controls other wildlife that may cause a nuisance on your property.

Residential Wildlife Control Services Fort Wayne

Any wild animal is an undesirable visitor to your home or place of business. They can leave unpleasant odors, make you feel uneasy, wake you up in the middle of the night, and embarrass you in front of guests. Wild animals in your living may potentially cause a serious threat to your health. Animals contain a variety of diseases, including rabies, which can be broadcast by a single bite. When humans inadvertently breathe or swallow animal pee or feces, diseases can spread. Rodents and other small animals are also common carriers of contagious bugs. Mold can form as a cause of a buildup of animal pee, which can lead to serious respiratory problems. Living things have the potential to cause significant property damage. Animal infestations do not always lead to other infestations.

It can be difficult to establish a plan if you have wild animals in your home. Ignoring the problem will almost certainly lead in a biblical-scale wild creature invasion. One of the first things you should do is establish to figure out how they’re getting into your house. Many animals like to build their homes in attics, basements, walls, and crawlspaces. Animals frequently gain access to the home through air conditioning ducts or breaches in the walls. Animals frequently use nearby trees to jump or climb onto homes.

Invading nuisance wildlife may wreak havoc on residential premises and structures, and if left unattended, wildlife and pests can cause significant property damage. Animal infiltration into homes is a typical occurrence, and it’s usually followed by damage made by the animal as it searches for a way in. Fort Wayne Wildlife Removal specialists can humanely remove wildlife from your property and fix any wildlife and pest damage that may have occurred.

Commercial Wildlife Control Services Fort Wayne

Animals may wreak havoc on both residential and commercial structures, as well as landscaping. It’s very uncommon for a creature to eat your entire yard’s worth of plants in a single night! It’s a little like the “now you see them, now you don’t” trick. You can save money; possibly a lot of money, by removing the source and preventing another occurrence if you notice the damage before it gets out of hand. If the holes are not repaired or the access points are not covered or sealed, you are extremely likely to have another animal infestation.

Our Certified Wildlife Removal Specialists have been resolving wildlife and pest issues for industrial complexes, property management businesses, retail stores, food and beverage facilities, and more for over a decade, delivering lasting wildlife management solutions. Learn more about how we can resolve your commercial property with bat issues.